Month: February 2018

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Women in BIM Welcome Irish Members

Women in BIM is an organisation that aims to draw together women in key strategic positions relating to technology and architecture and allow a portal for shared information and interaction. Women in BIM (WiB) has launched a database of women around the world who work in BIM.

Emma thinks WiB will allow women to network and help address gender diversity issues. “I believe Women in BIM will provide its members with a network of like-minded peers who will support the development of women’s careers in BIM and hopefully keep them in industry. Also, the Women in BIM database which is currently being compiled will provide the construction industry and local governments with information about women who are working with and influencing BIM so they can address gender diversity issues in the construction industry.”

Emma gave us her opinions on the coverage and representation of women in construction, mentioning the work of Irish building magazine and in promoting gender diversity in the construction industry. “Recently there has been a discussion in the media about gender diversity and women working in the construction industry as noted in Irish building’s coverage of the AECOM workshop. This workshop aimed to explore ways to improve the industry’s gender diversity. I think this is a very positive increase in coverage of women working in the construction industry which has been heightened more recently by’s coverage of the launch of the Women in BIM database. I look forward to much more in the future!”

Emma said there is no real increase in the number of women getting leading construction industry roles. “Unfortunately I do not see an increase in women getting leading roles in the construction industry, it is still a very male-dominated sector. This may be due to a lack of women role models providing guidance and support to younger or less experienced women in the industry. Women in BIM is a step in the right direction which I believe will develop an experienced, knowledgeable and confident group of BIM practitioners for the construction industry.”

Emma encouraged women to be proactive in the Irish Construction Industry’s BIM Journey and to get involved with WiB and CitA. “I would advise Irish women working with BIM to get involved – BIM is still a relatively new emerging process and there are lots of opportunities to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences which will have an impact on how BIM is adopted in Ireland. Joining Women in BIM would be a good start and connecting with organisations such as the Construction IT Alliance (CitA) will provide sources of knowledge and advice on BIM.”