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The inaugural Digital Built Consultants Bishopland Beginners Polo Tournament – Mens Match

(L to R: Team West Wicklow Hunt: Ronan Brophy, Lena Wegner, Ray Fisher, Neil Kinsella, Ella Stynes (Support Team), Alejo Tagle (Umpire/ Bishopland Polo), Ana Tagle (Support Team), Team South County Dublin Hunt: Andrew Stynes, Shane Cowley, Jimmy Byrne, Niall Clancy. Foreground: Lily the Beagle (Bishopland Polo Mascot)) Photo Emma Hayes

Amidst the beautiful backdrop of the Wicklow hills, Bishopland Polo, Ballymore Eustace was the stage for the Mens match held on 12th Sept 2018. Yellow Team; West Wicklow Hunt (WWH): Ronan Brophy, Lena Wegner (Honorary man for the challenge), Ray Fisher & Neil Kinsella took on Grey Team; South County Dublin Hunt (SCDH): Andrew Stynes, Shane Cowley, Jimmy Byrne & Niall Clancy for two adrenaline filled ten minute chukkas. Bishopland Polo owner Alejo Aita Tagle had the challenging task of adjudicating between the two teams and their interpretation of the rules.   The Mens match brought the tournament to an end and closes the beginner’s polo season. Alejo’s expert and patient coaching along with his experienced polo ponies has taken a mixed group of equestrians from their hunting, eventing, show jumping, dressage and hacking backgrounds into the exciting world of polo. The teams competed for the prestigious Bishopland Polo medals sponsored by local business Digital Built Consultants (

A balmy Indian summer evening provided perfect conditions for the encounter where spectators enjoyed watching an exciting sport along with some light refreshments. With cheers from the sideline the teams lined up and Alejo threw in the ball to get the game underway.

Laken local, Neil Kinsella, wasted no time and scored for Team WWH in the first few minutes. Despite the challenges by Team SCDH Neil put the ball between the post for a second time for WWH. The game was on now with high octane tackles from Andrew (SCDH) and Lena (WWH). Heavy hitters for both sides ,Hollywood Horse and Pony Trekking owner, Ray (WWH) and local Ballymore man Shane (SCDH) got the game moving. The teams charged up and down the pitch aboard their skillful polo ponies for a very exciting first chucca. WWH kept the pressure on but through roars of ‘foul’ and ‘c’mon ref’ SCDH were awarded a penalty which went wide. Unperturbed Jimmy challenged the goal again and scored for SCDH. Another goal for WWH just before the whistle blew to end the first chucca had the scoreboard at 3:1 to WWH.

L to R: Ray Fisher, Jimmy Byrne, Andrew Stynes, Neil Kinsella, Niall Clancy, Ronan Brophy (Photo Emma Hayes)

After a ten minute break in the evening sunshine and a few refreshments the rested polo ponies and riders went into battle for the second and final chukka. It was all to play for now and both teams came out goal hungry. WWH won the ball from the throw in and a ride off between Ray and Niall earned SDCH the ball. The ball passed between Niall and Jimmy who was challenged by Ronan. A full shot from Shane lobbed the ball down the pitch to Andrew who placed it between the posts. Ray kept the pressure on SDCH with a massive shot down the pitch for WWH which was chased down by Niall and Neil. A tackle from Ronan got the ball back but a quick move by Lena and her nimble steed stole the ball from SDCH which resulted in another goal on the scoreboard for WWH. Leading 4:2 WWH were gaining confidence only to be put back in their place with another goal from Andrew for SCDH. As the pressure mounted long hits from Ray and Shane were chased down by Niall and Neil for an exciting second chucca. Tackles from Jimmy, Andrew, Ronan and Lena kept the supporters cheering. Another score for Team SCDH evened up the scoreboard and a final challenge from Shane put the ball between the posts just before the final whistle blew. The final score for this thrilling match was Team South County Dublin Hunt – 5: Team West Wicklow Hunt – 4.

The Bishopland Beginners polo season takes a break for the winter but will be back in full swing in April 2019. Roll on next season!

(L to R: Niall Clancy, Neil Kinsella, Shane Cowley, Ray Fisher, Lena Wegner, Andrew Stynes, Jimmy Byrne (Photo Emma Hayes)

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Digital Built Consultants sponsor the inaugural Bishopland Beginners Polo Tournament

(L to R: Alejo Tagle (Umpire/ Bishopland Polo), Team Digital Built Consultants: Felicity McCartan, Emma Hayes (Sponsor: Digital Built Consultants), Jimmy Byrne, Clodagh Brophy, Steve Hayes (Sponsor: Digital Built Consultants), Team Hollywood Horse and Pony Trekking: Noella Beaumont, Aishling Doyle, Ger McCarthy, Karyn Jamieson, James Sheeran (Umpire)) (Photo Ray Fisher)

The polo pitch in Bishopland Polo, Ballymore Eustace was the battle ground for the Ladies match last Wednesday (5th Sept 2018). Black Team: Digital Built Consultants (Jimmy Byrne (honorary lady for the evening), Clodagh Brophy, Emma Hayes, Felicity McCartan) took on Yellow Team: Hollywood Horse and Pony Trekking (Aishling Doyle, Karyn Jamieson, Geraldine (Ger) McCarthy, Noella Beaumont) in an exciting match of two ten minute chukkas. The game was closely umpired by Bishopland Polo owner Alejo Aita Tagle and local Equine Vet James Sheeran. The tournament closes the beginner’s polo season, where under Alejo’s expert and patient coaching along with his experienced polo ponies, keen horse riders can get a taste of the very exciting sport of polo. The teams battled it out for the prestigious Bishopland Polo medals sponsored by local business Digital Built Consultants (

(L to R: Emma Hayes, Felicity McCartan, Alejo Tagle, Karyn Jamieson, Jimmy Byrne, Aishling Doyle, Clodagh Brophy, Ger McCarthy) (Photo Steve Hayes)

The teams lined up for the throw in from Umpire James Sheeran which kicked off the first match of the Bishopland Polo Beginners Tournament.  Team Digital Built Consultants took an early lead with a goal scored in the first few minutes of play by hard hitter Jimmy and his agile polo pony. Following the rules of polo the teams switched sides after a score. Hollywood Horse And Pony Trekking (HHPT) played well to defend against the goal hungry Digital Built Consultants (DBC) team for the next few minutes. A brave tackle from Ger and a pass to Aishling gave HHPT a chance at goal but DBC’s defence was too much for HHPT. A foul by DBC gave HHPT another chance at goal with a penalty shot but the ball was wide. The ten minute chukka could not end soon enough for HHPT after a pass from Clodagh to Jimmy ended in another goal for DBC. Heavy rain did not deter the two teams from battling it out to the end of the first chukka but all were relieved when the whistle blew.


(L to R: Karyn Jamieson, Emma Hayes (Photo Steve Hayes)

After a ten minute break sheltering from the rain in the back of James’ horse lorry and few refreshments the rested polo ponies and riders braved the slippery ground conditions for the second and final chukka (the professionals play four chukkas with a different pony for each chukka). Once again, the teams lined up for the throw in and HHPT won the ball. Aishling cantered up the field towards their goal with Karyn supporting and defending the whole way but a tackle by Emma passed the ball back to Clodagh who took off at full speed towards the goal where Jimmy completed the play by putting the ball between the goal posts for a third time. Keen marking by Felicity and Noella kept the pressure on both teams throughout the match but Team Digital Built Consultants where not to be beaten with a final goal by their hired assassin Jimmy Byrne to seal the deal. The final score was Team Digital Built Consultants – 4: Team Hollywood Horse and Pony Trekking – 0.

The next match of the Bishopland Polo Beginners Polo Tournament will be held on the 13th September between the beginner’s men’s teams of the West Wicklow Hunt and South County Dublin Hunt.

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Emma Hayes appointed to the CitA Board


Emma is Managing Director of Digital Built Consultants, a BIM and Digital Information Management Consultancy. She brings over 20 years’ experience in the AEC industry in Ireland and internationally to her role on the Board. She is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Technology from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Bolton Street and a Master’s Degree in BIM Management from Middlesex University. Previously, Emma was the Group BIM Manager with PM Group where she was responsible for the development and implementation of the Group BIM strategy and roll-out of procedures and workflows for BIM adoption across the organisation’s network of offices in Europe, Asia and the US.

Emma told that she “is very honoured to be part of the CitA Board as they are actively involved in driving progress in BIM adoption in the AEC industry in Ireland.” CitA are a not-for-profit organisation that focuses in the promotion of Digital Construction in Ireland since its inception in 2002. CitA’s activities predominantly include the provision of events, training and research activities in response to its members’ needs. CitA has grown over the years to in excess of 300 businesses across the architectural, engineering and construction supply chains in Ireland, which includes in addition a large number of specialist IT vendors, governmental departments and agencies. It has a very close working relationship with all of the main stakeholder bodies in Ireland, such as, the RIAI, SCSI, CIF, ACEI and Engineers Ireland.

For the past two years CitA have been fortunate to be given the opportunity by Enterprise Ireland to work on the BIM Innovation Capability Programme in 2016 and 2017. This important project sought about collating data that would assist the newly formed National BIM Council in creating an informed and internationally respected Digital Construction Roadmap for Ireland, which has at its core the vision that Irish AEC businesses would be provided with a platform of support for the innovative use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) by 2021.

Emma notes that “CitA continues to drive the adoption of Digital Technology and the implementation of BIM processes through their Skillnet training courses, monthly seminars and annual conferences.”

Emma also spoke to about the fantastic CitA network “where people and organisations can connect with industry thought leaders and peers to share ideas and support throughout their BIM journey.”

Emma was a BIM Judge for the 2018 ICE Awards. You can read more about Digital Built Consultants in a recent Irish building magazine interview here: